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There is always a chance to start a new life.


As the commander of the first and last mission to save human kind, give galaxy a chance and see if there's life waiting for you on one of planets in this solar system.

Explore the space in search for a place to live. Face humanity challenges by making crucial decisions. 

Challenge the gravity and join the breathtaking journey through the hearth of galaxy.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsPanMarcin, starljos, styra
Made withUnity
Tagsgalaxy, rebuild, Relaxing, rocket, Space, Space Sim


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the only game where the dumbest solutions are the right solution

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add "show orbit"

Very cool! appreciate it man

awesome, thanks for playing!

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hey after sometime the map does not open and also i cannot level up planets even though they have radio . pls fix the bugs

But still the game is awesome :D

EDIT: i think a little manual of controls in the description would be help players like me

awesomesauce game!  great relax during work (shhhh) giggles

spotted a typo: in Vulcan Janusz (bee hive event)  "unexpecing giant bees" 

heat not heet

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I like idea, but slightly buggy...


Win event, slightly liftoff, reenter into event menu, pick same variant as before and instantly levelup, repeat to max level, repeat with second planet, win game.

That's a game jam game nature :) Thanks a lot for feedback, fingers crossed that other players will read about that exploit AFTER they enjoyed the game :D We plan to make an update that would address some bugs so stay tuned. Cheers!

I known, just report about bug. (I self tried some jams, but too love overthinking... 4 failed LD )


Looks and sounds VERY nice but is still lacking some of the functionality to make it a really enjoyable experience. If I was able to actually level up planets remotely once they reach level two and also enter into the planet menu without launching barely off of the ground that would drastically improve the playability in my opinion.

Overall I really like the idea and visuals. Great work!

Awesome, thanks for your input! Yes we're surely considering more comfortable planet management, and quite a lot of new features to add some depth to it, so stay tuned. Current remote level up doesn't work because of a bug, of course :) Cheers!

spoko gierka - jak chcecie sie rozwijać jako zespół w temacie tworzenia gier i np pozyskać finansowanie, dajcie znać na bartek@gameops.pl